Welcome to the Mill Valley Scout Hall site!


Scout Hall has been an integral part of the downtown Mill Valley landscape for over a century, and has recently celebrated its 90th anniversary of community service as Scout Hall. Prior to becoming a youth center, the venerable building had served as a saloon, a stable and a laundry.


Although the building has been remodeled and renovated many times over its very long life, by 2010 it had reached the point where extensive infrastructure work was required e to restore and upgrade the building so that it can be used by future generations of Mill Valley youth, and a campaign to raise $1 million for the restoration project was begun.


Looking far into the future:

Completed in the spring of 2018, the restored Scout Hall will provide greater access for those with disabilities, accommodate the growing number of Scouts and other youth groups requesting use of our facility, upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms, and create a safe and welcoming environment that will serve our community’s youth well into the future.


The Red Cross has announced plans to designate Scout Hall a class 2 emergency shelter, in the event of fire or earthquake evacuations in Mill Valley, repeating the role that Scout Hall played during the disastrous fire on Mt. Tamalpais in July, 1929, that almost destroyed the town.


Our legacy:

With Scout Hall, we have inherited an astonishing legacy from those who have cared enough to make the future better for the next generation. A restored Scout Hall is the next important gift to our community.


Scout Hall has two entrances. The main, fully accessible entrance is at 30 Mountain View Avenue, in Mill Valley, California. The original entrance is located around the corner at 177 E. Blithedale Avenue.