Rental Procedure


1.         Check the calendar at to see if the date you want is available

2.         Contact Facility Manager at for a tour of the facility. Appointments for facility tours are available on Saturday mornings between 10:00 and noon

3.         Read and agree to:

  • Conract, including General Provisions and Rules and Regulations
  • Fee Schedule
  • Conditoins requiring a Certificate of Insurance
  • Conditions requiring license security guards, if required
  • The application forms:
                a)  Rental Application
                b)  Hold Harmless Agreement

 4.         Contact Facility Manager at and reserve the facility.

5.         Mail the following items to THE HALL to guarantee your date:

q Completed CONTRACT documents, including the Facility Rental Application        

q Hold Harmless Agreement (signed)         

q Certificate of Insurance, if required

q Proof of licensed security guards, if required

q Copy of State Alcohol Beverage Control Department permit, if required

q Deposit check, made payable to Mill Valley Scout Hall

Mail the above items to:
     Mill Valley Scout Hall
     P. O. Box 2566
     Mill Valley, CA 94942