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General Provisions

Requests to rent THE HALL must be made on the attached Facility Rental Application form. 

Reservations will be confirmed and considered complete after MILL VALLEY SCOUT HALL has received a signed, complete copy of the CONTRACT, all required CONTRACT documents, and all applicable fees and deposit monies.  No dates are guaranteed for any RENTER who has not submitted a signed, complete copy of the CONTRACT and required fees and deposit.  All required CONTRACT documents and applicable fees and deposit may be mailed to MILL VALLEY SCOUT HALL at P. O. Box 2566, Mill Valley, CA 94942.

Fees and Deposits:

Rental periods must include ALL the time needed for decorating, set-up, “event” and clean up.  Extra time will be charged at the hourly rate shown on the Fee Schedule.

Security Deposit is separate from rental fees, and must be paid in full at the time the facility is reserved. Funds are deposited and will be returned (if no damages or violations occur) within four weeks after the event date. Security deposit will be used to pay additional fees if RENTER’s event caused the need for:

  1. Cleaning beyond normal facility maintenance, including trash removal
  2. Repairs or replacement due to structural or equipment damage.
  3. Fire or Police Department response.

Fees must be paid in full 30 days before the event.

If RENTER incurs additional fees which exceed the Security Deposit, RENTER agrees to pay the additional amount within 30 days of being notified in writing by THE HALL. Facility inspections are conducted immediately following events by THE HALL to determine the condition of the facility.

Security Deposit Refunds:

Security deposits will be refunded in full within four weeks of the rental if RENTER leaves THE HALL clean, undamaged, and in the condition in which RENTER found it, subject to the provisions found in the Rules and Regulations portion of this CONTRACT and the terms of Cancellations policy described below.

A partial or total security deposit may be withheld if:

  • The building is left dirty, including sticky spills.
  • The kitchen is left dirty and/or food is left in the refrigerator.
  • Trash bags or debris are left in the building or placed in THE HALL's dumpster.
  • There is theft, destruction or damage to any equipment or parts of the building.
  • There is any evidence of illegal substance use, inside or outside, before, during or after the event.
  • Helium balloons are loose.
  • Tables and chairs are not put back in the storage closets.
  • There are scratches, gouges, holes or tape on the walls or floor.
  • There are messes in the restrooms and toilets are not flushed.


If additional cleanup is necessary, a charge of $100.00 per hour will be assessed for the extra time involved and will be deducted from RENTER's security deposit.

Refunds will be made in the same form as the original payment.  No cash or check refunds will be issued for fees or deposits paid by credit card.


Confirmed reservations that are cancelled may be subject to cancellation fees, determined by the amount of notice given prior to the scheduled event.

If cancellation is made more than 31 days before the event, 100% of the rental fee and 100% of the security deposit will be refunded (less payment processing fees for credit card payments).

If cancellation is made less than 10 days before the event, 100% of the security deposit will be refunded (less payment processing fees for credit card payments), but 100% of the rental fee is forfeited to THE HALL.

Fees will not be refunded for reserved time not used.  Reserved time should be chosen carefully; once fees are paid, there will be no refund for decreased reserved or actual used time.

Only the person signing the CONTRACT may cancel the reservation.


A certificate of insurance is required for any event where alcohol is served or participants are in excess of 100.

This certificate of insurance must name THE HALL as an additional insured.

The levels of coverage required are:

ð       General Liability each occurrence $1,000,000;

ð       Damage to Rented Premises (ea. Occurrence) $1,000,000;

ð       Med. Exp. (one person) $5,000;

ð       Personal Injury $1,000,000;

ð       General Aggregate $2,000,000

RENTER is required to either purchase separate insurance or may add THE HALL as an additional insured to her/his insurance. The original certificate of insurance and additional endorsement page must be mailed to MILL VALLEY SCOUT HALL at P. O. Box 2566, Mill Valley, CA 94942. All certificates of insurance are to be received and approved by THE HALL to reserve THE HALL.

RENTER agrees to hold MILL VALLEY SCOUT HALL harmless and indemnify MILL VALLEY SCOUT HALL from any and all liability for injury or damage to persons or property occurring as a result of RENTER’s use of THE HALL.