General Information

Applications must be on a form provided by Scout Hall. Applications, proof of insurance (if required) and applicable fees and deposit may be mailed to the Facility Coordinator at Scout Hall, P. O. Box 2566, Mill Valley, CA 94942.
The organization or group representative who applied for use must be present at the facility during the time of use. The facility cannot be left with a minor in charge. The person/organization who signs the contract takes full responsibility for the rental.


Reservations will be confirmed and considered complete only after all required forms are signed and submitted and applicable fees and deposit are paid. No dates are held for any group who has not submitted a facility rental form and booking deposit.



A certificate of insurance is required for any event where the renter is a commercial establishment, where alcohol is served, or participants are in excess of 100.


This certificate of insurance must name the Mill Valley Scout Hall Inc. as additional insured. Levels of coverage required are: General Liability each occurrence $1,000,000; Damage to Rented Premises (ea. Occurrence) $1,000,000; Med. Exp. (one person) $1,000); Personal Injury $1,000,000; General Aggregate $2,000,000


Renters are required to either purchase insurance or add Mill Valley Scout Hall Inc. as additionally insured to their insurance. The original certificate and additional endorsement page must be mailed to Scout Hall at the mailing address, above. All certificates of insurance are to be received and approved by Scout Hall before the event commences.


All persons to whom rental has been granted must agree in writing to hold Scout Hall harmless and indemnify Scout Hall from any and all liability for injury to persons or property occurring as a result of the activity sponsored.


Fees and Deposits:

Rental time must include ALL the time needed for decorating, set-up, “main event” and clean up.


Deposits are separate from rental fees, and must be paid in full at the time the facility is reserved. Funds are deposited and will be returned (if no damages or violations occur) within two weeks after the event date. The deposit will be used to pay additional fees if your event caused the need for:

  1. Cleaning beyond normal Scout Hall maintenance, including trash removal
  2. Repairs or replacement due to structural or equipment damage.
  3. The number or persons attending the event exceeds the number of participants listed on the agreement.
  4. Fire or Police Department response.


If fees exceed the amount of deposit, the renter will be required to pay additional amount. Facility inspections are conducted immediately following events by Facility Coordinator to determine the condition of the facility, including the assembly area, restrooms and kitchen. If all clean up requirements are met, no damage has occurred and the rental time was not exceeded, your deposit will be refunded.


Cancellations and Refunds:

Confirmed reservations that are canceled may be subject to cancellation fees, which are determined by the amount of notice given prior to the scheduled event. Fees will not be refunded for reserved time not used. Reserved time should be chosen carefully; once fees are paid, there will be no refund for decreased reserved or actual used time.


If cancellation is made more than one month before the event, 100% of the rental fee and 100% deposit will be refunded.


If cancellation is made less than one month before the event, 50% of the rental fee and 100% of the deposit will be refunded. 
Conditions of Use and Care of Facility:
Be sure to read the Conditions of Use and Care of Facility regulations.
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